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Ric Flair on why he likes Kevin Owens and why he didn’t like the Raven gimmick

Ric Flair and Mark Madden are back for another episode of “Wooooo Nation Uncensored.” Flair and Madden talked about the complexities of one hour draws, Flair also praised Bryan Danielson and he talked about Barry Windham, Ted DiBiase, MJF and Natalya. Flair also took some questions from Twitter.

Flair commented on Kevin Owens:

“I think the world of Kevin Owens,” Flair said. “He’s a respectful, nice guy. He has unlimited talent. He has a hell of an interview. Before he ever used the stunner, he called Steve (Austin) and asked him. That’s respect. I did a segment with him on a Thanksgiving Starrcade show. It was the Kevin Owens’ KO show, and he asked me, ‘What do you want to talk about?’ I said, ‘Hey, you’re the boss.’ He said, ‘You’re Ric Flair.’ I said, ‘That doesn’t mean anything to me right now. We’ll talk about whatever you want to talk about.’ He’s a very respectful kid with a ton of talent. He takes these huge bumps and all that.  I’m happy for him and I wish him nothing but success. He’s a great guy.”

Flair said he didn’t like the Raven gimmick:

“I couldn’t stand it and I told him. I couldn’t stand the gimmick. I didn’t think sitting in the corner was that cool. Sitting down in the middle of the ring, crossing your legs, and talking to the audience didn’t appeal to me either. I didn’t say he was a terrible worker. You asked me if I liked the gimmick and I said no. I like Raven, I just didn’t like the gimmick. Everybody has a personal preference. He told me when I saw him, ‘At least I got told I was horrible by the best.’

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