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Ric Flair on why his WrestleMania match with Hulk Hogan didn’t happen, why the Randy Savage title loss didn’t air on TV

Ric Flair’s “Wooooo Nation Uncensored” podcast debuted today with Mark Madden as the host. Flair gave his thoughts on some of the current wrestlers including Kenny Omega, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, his daughter Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and others. He also commented on the AEW ratings, why wrestlers use his legendary chop and he shared some stories from his days in the ring.

Flair was asked why WWE did not go right to him vs Hogan on PPV when Flair arrived in 1991:

“I heard two stories,” Flair said. “One is that they were having a cash flow problem. We sold out Boston. We sold out L.A. Oakland, we sold out. The Garden, we didn’t sell out. Our first show in The Garden, we did not sell out, so I don’t know whether people thought I couldn’t draw. My whole career had been southern based until I got the belt. Then I’m traveling across the country, but I still was never on mainstream TV on the East Coast. Being the NWA Champion, I never was in New York. I wasn’t in Philadelphia until the small building came along. Maybe they didn’t perceive me as being over enough. Everybody’s speculation was that it would have been the biggest thing ever, but you never know. I heard Hulk wanted to go off and do TV. He did that Thunder in Paradise show. Who knows? I’ve never questioned it. To this day, people say, ‘Aren’t you mad about that?’ I say, ‘Mad about what? I spent a year and a half and I wrestled Bret Hart. I wrestled Hogan. I wrestled Jake. I won The Royal Rumble. I wrestled Savage. I won the World Championship twice, and then I went back. How can I be mad?’   traveled with Dibiase, Piper, The Nasty Boys, The Road Warriors. Look at the crew we traveled with.”

Flair went on to say, “I was at WrestleMania. I wrestled Savage. We had a decent match. It could have been a lot better, but Randy obviously, for very well known reasons, was so distracted. That was the last time he and Liz ever saw each other or worked together. It was a very strenuous week of preparation. Aside from that, I thought we had a decent match. They went their separate ways. I’ve always had a lot of time for Randy. I helped break Randy into the business. He came into Charlotte. He had been playing minor league baseball. He came in and he was a 170 pound kid. To this day, I have a lot of respect for Randy. I don’t think he’s a great worker. I can give examples why, but I thought he was really good, and he had a great gimmick. He and Liz were just delightful. In my mind and always will be, two of the biggest stars that I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.”

Flair won the WWF Title for a second time during a TV taping. The match was stopped by Vince McMahon in the middle of it and restarted. It was then edited and shown on TV two weeks later:

“People didn’t want to see the match. They weren’t reacting. I think Vince saw that and right away, he sent Razor (Ramon) down, or Bobby (Heenan), or somebody, to stop the match. I don’t know what the deal was. I know that Randy didn’t want to lose it. It’s one of those situations. You have to remember that I came in out of nowhere. I don’t think I was held in the same esteem in Randy’s eyes as a guy that had been there a long time. Who knows? It’s one of those things that just didn’t go well. The match was horrible. It’s nothing I could ever say I’m proud of, but I can’t remember all the mechanics of it. I just know Vince wasn’t happy with it. Randy didn’t want to lose, and it’s pretty hard when someone doesn’t want to do business. I didn’t take it personally, but I just think that they thought that without Liz, Randy didn’t have as much drawing power as he did with her. That would be my take on it.”

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