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Ric Flair says he signed a deal with Adidas, plans to take down Nike

Ric Flair is not letting his issues with WWE drag him down because he has some great news to share.

While in Los Angeles, The Nature Boy told TMZ that he has signed a deal with Adidas and he says Nike will be pushed down as the number 2 sneaker brand.

Flair said, “Ready for the good news? Adidas thinks I’m ‘The Man.’ I signed a deal with them, and we’re fixin’ to make Nike the 2nd brand. It’s not gonna be Air Jordan anymore, it’s gonna be Air Flair, and I can’t jump.”

Flair wouldn’t give more details when he was asked who would be desiging his sneaker. He did say he’d love Kanye West to be involved if he wanted to design his sneaker.

Check out his announcement below:


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