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Ric Flair says he still drinks despite recent health scare

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Ric Flair says he still drinks despite recent health scare

In August of last year, the professional wrestling world was on the edge of their seats after news broke that two-time WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair had been hospitalized. Flair was initially given less than a 50 percent chance of pulling through. He underwent surgery to remove an obstructive piece of his bowel, and suffered from subsequent complications such as kidney failure.

After follow-up treatment such as dialysis and continuous hospitalization, Flair was finally discharged from the hospital after over a month. It was later determined that Flair’s health scare was a result of his excessive drinking habits over the past several decades.

Doctors suggested Flair stop drinking for the rest of his life, however, as Flair tells it on a recent interview on WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast, The Steve Austin Show, that was only because they feared if he drank one, he wouldn’t be able to stop. Flair admitted that he recently had a few drinks at his wedding as well as his daughters. He also had a few when he was on Thanksgiving break:

“I’m gonna be completely honest with you. I’ve asked the doctor ten different times and of course I’ll ask other doctors because I refuse to believe – at my wedding I had three glasses of champagne.

“At my daughter’s wedding I had the same or maybe one glass of wine with the champagne and while I was in Florida with Wendy, this past week, we were there for Thanksgiving, I drank about four beers, so it’s not the alcohol that’s gonna hurt me.

“It’s that the doctors are afraid that if I have one, that will lead to another, but I have had a drink, so alcohol is not gonna kill me. I’ve never had any hard liquor and that won’t happen, but I have had probably ten or twelve beverages with alcohol in them; beer, wine, or champagne.”

Give the interview a listen in the player below:

H/T WrestleZone for the transcriptions


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