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Ric Flair’s thoughts on Triple H being in charge of creative:

“He’s going to do what he wants to do and he's gonna work with people that I think he has a level of comfort with. He's bringing in people that maybe he felt should have stayed and we're cut for the wrong reason. That's what you do. First of all, you surround yourself with people you're comfortable with because you don't want people to talk behind your back.”

Flair was asked what his status is with Triple H these days:

"We had a big falling out over the trademark 'The Man' issue, a big falling out. But I'd be very surprised if I wasn't in the top five people that reached out to Stephanie when he got sick. Certainly as soon as I became aware of it, I called her and I called him, and he is the first person I called when Reid died.”

“So for whatever people want to make of our relationship or not, I feel like everybody has ups and downs. You have arguments, you have disagreements, but I can guarantee you this, I'll be at his funeral and I'll guarantee you this, he'll be at mine. Everybody else can say what they want to say about it or make what they want to make of it.”

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“I also will tell you this, I give all the credit to Vince for bringing me on in 2001 when I was just flat dead on my ass because of Russo and Bischoff. But I think Hunter had just as much to do with it and certainly when I got there, he pushed me. He knew I had huge, huge self confidence issues, and he would not let me rest on my old laurels. He kept pushing me and pushing me and pushing me. Basically everything I have today in terms of redemption in the business would be because of him and Vince. I don't have any problems saying that to anybody. Anybody that wants to try and pick that apart can go f*ck themselves. Without him and Vince I'm not here today.”

"I'll tell you something else he did. When Reid died, I took my Hall of Fame ring from 2008 and I put it on Reid's finger in his casket. I guess Ashley had told Hunter that, and when I went to NXT to see Ashley, he pulled me aside and he gave me another Hall of Fame ring with Richard Reid Flair on the side of it. So it’s pretty hard to be mad or be upset with someone who’s done all of that for me. No matter what people want to think, who else has those kinds of experiences in life? Plus he was in one of my weddings. He was actually the best man at one of my weddings and I was at his wedding.”

Flair talking about Hunter’s wedding:

"My claim to fame at Hunter's wedding is that, and this is a great story, but I don't know how I happened to know the proprietor of a club in Raleigh, but I do. The guy was from Minneapolis and we had a bachelor party for Hunter that was second to none. There were 65 young ladies working and 200 wrestlers. Me and Vince and Shane split the tab. I wrote a check out of my account that I never thought (ex-wife) Beth would see, and brother, you talk about World War III. So my end was 36 grand out of the 100 grand. She was screaming at me, 'What would make you do that?' I said, 'He's my friend.'”

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