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Ric Flair says WWE is erasing his legacy, Flair says he wants his classic belts returned to him

Rex Features

Rex Features

Ric Flair is apparently still not on the best of terms with WWE.

The WWE Hall Of Famer stated on Twitter that WWE is erasing his legacy and he is now requesting to have two titles returned to him. The titles pictured below are the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and the WWF World Championship belt that he held in 1992.

Flair tweeted, "Speaking Of Legacies, @WWE Has Decided To Erase Mine. That’s All Good, However, These Two Belts Are My Legacy, And I’d Like Them Returned! I’ve Asked Twice, Apparently Falling On Deaf Ears! I’m Assuming That Next Week On @FlairUncensored I’ll Have To Explain In Detail! WOOOOO!"

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In regards to being erased, Flair is likely talking about the Flair references being removed from WWE programming after the Dark Side of the Ring episode on the Plane Ride From Hell where Flair was accused by Heidi Doyle of exposing himself and forcing her to touch his genitals.

Flair also recently claimed that, despite reports saying that he sold "The Man" trademark to WWE, that neither WWE or Becky Lynch own the trademark. You can read more on that by clicking here.