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Ric Flair says WWE took away Roddy Piper’s Legends contract after Steve Austin issues

Ric Flair welcomed Kevin Sullivan as his guest on this week’s “Wooooo Nation” podcast. Sullivan and Flair talked about the politics in WCW and how difficult it was for Sullivan to handle the different factions behind the scenes. Sullivan talked about how he had to break the news to Vader that he had to lose to Hulk Hogan. Sullivan noted that Hogan never wanted to work with Rick Rude. Hogan and Rude never wrestled each other in the WWF or in WCW.

Sullivan talked about WWE missing the boat on using Flair on today’s WWE TV. Flair noted that he talked to Vince McMahon on Monday night in Chicago and told him the same thing. For those that don’t know, Flair has been pushing ideas to Vince McMahon but Vince had declined even though Flair is in good health.

Flair and Sullivan talked about Roddy Piper and his issue with Steve Austin in regards to Piper claiming that Austin got Piper fired from Podcast One. Flair says that WWE took away Roddy Piper’s Legends contract as a result of the issues with Austin. It should be noted that Austin denies that he got Piper fired.

This podcast is fantastic and you should really listen to this episode. I’ll just say that Flair probably had a drink or two before and/or during this podcast. Click here to listen.


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