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Ric Flair says WWE's Nick Khan buried him, Samoa Joe will land on his feet in another company

Ariel Helwani/WWE

Ariel Helwani/WWE

Ric Flair and Mark Madden talked about the recent WWE releases during the latest "Wooooo Nation Uncensored" podcast. Flair also doubled down on his criticism of Nick Khan.

Madden said that WWE always comes across as the villain when they let go of so many people. Flair said, "Yeah, and that's a horrible thing. Because it's a business to them. I don't know the numbers but if NXT is not making money, they can't keep paying people. So I don't know the answer to that. But I look at the ratings. You know, just like why I'm watching every show I can possible now so that I can talk to you intelligently about these things. But the ratings are everything. So who knows?"

Flair put over William Regal's statement on Twitter where he put over WWE instead of ripping on them. Flair said, "The reason I love Steve Regal, and he and I are very close. I was shocked that he was gone but he left like he said things and he made comments that point out what a great guy he is."

Flair then talked about his exit from the company and his issues with Nick Khan. Flair said, "It's just like when I left the company. We just went personal directions. I mean, we didn't have the same vision for me. But then Nick Khan makes it personal. So just because I didn't want to work there [and] I want to do stuff like this (the podcast) so that I can reflect on my career, you know, Nick, he buries me. So what do you do? And getting back to this? How, and I need someone to explain this to in God's green Earth, do you take the Flair's [and not] take that brand and not make it a fixture of that company?"

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Flair continued, "I said how do you decide to not take their brand? It doesn't come along. Like Bobby Jr. and. And Randy (Orton). I mean, to me, those are the things that make wrestling what it is. Randy is a third generation wrestler, and better than both his dad and his grandfather. Charlotte is a second generation wrestler and better than me. But we all had our time. And to me as a company, I would embrace it and go God, just this only happens [so] rarely."

On Samoa Joe's release, Flair said, "He's a hell of a talent. I like Joe a lot. I tell you what else I'm like. I thought Joe was great on the microphone. I liked when he was commentating so I don't think Joe's gonna have a hard time getting a job anywhere."

Flair added, "Joe's a hell of a hand. Somehow I feel like the guys that had the talent, if they want to keep doing it, he'll land somewhere..."

Flair had a lot more to say about Becky Lynch and "The Man" trademark at this link.

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