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Ric Flair went off-script last Monday on WWE Raw

Drew McIntyre Ric Flair

The is no one quite like "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

On the latest episode of "The Jerry Lawler Show" podcast, The King gave his thoughts on last week's Monday Night Raw and he gave some insight into Flair's in-ring promo that was designed to put over Drew McIntyre.

Lawler shot down fan speculation that Flair might have been drunk during his segment. Lawler said, "I can assure you. I can tell you for a fact that Ric and I dressed in the same dressing room in Cleveland and we talked for hours."

Lawler told a funny story about Flair trying to get The Undertaker drunk at his wedding earlier this year.

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Lawler continued, "I can assure you, I was with him for hours leading up to right before we went out on the air and he was perfectly fine. People were saying that Ric Flair was drunk or something like that. That was not the case. I think he was just so fired up and maybe because I don't think that was an interview that was written for him. I think that they just let him go off on his own and he was probably so excited doing an interview like that..."

Flair did some old school fan taunts before he introduced McIntyre and he pointed out some fans that were dressed like him. Lawler jokingly said that he thought about yelling out for Flair to calm down or he would have a stroke but then thought better of it and didn't say it.

Lawler added, "He really went off. That was a typical old school Ric Flair interview. He was fired up."

One WWE source who was at Raw told me Flair was given more freedom with his promo but he did go off script a couple of times.

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