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Ric Flair wrestling again?

Ric Flair will be making regular appearances for the company again going forward. As noted, he has passed all his medical tests and has a clean bill of health. Flair has also dropped some weight and has told people that he feels better than he has in a long time.

Flair busted open Bray Wyatt over the weekend and bumped for him at the Madison Square Garden show in New York. He also took a bump after getting slapped by Nikki Bella at the Wildwood, New Jersey show.

There was a pitch made this week by someone in WWE to Vince McMahon to have Flair wrestle one final match with his daughter Charlotte as his tag team partner. The idea pitched was to have Charlotte and Ric Flair wrestle Natalya and her uncle Bret Hart on a pay-per-view with the idea being that Flair is passing the torch to his daughter and she is picking up where her father left off. Vince McMahon has been against using Legends in the ring since Jerry Lawler’s heart attack and Ricky Steamboat being injured by Nexus in the ring a few years back but he was said to be open to the idea this time. It would be treated as a novelty match and the idea would be that Flair would not take any dangerous bumps and the women would carry the match. It’s something that is being considered.

The idea of Flair wrestling again was something that Vince would have not even considered just a few months ago. Even though Flair wrestled for TNA and did some matches in Australia with Hulk Hogan in 2009, the company still considers the 2008 match with Shawn Michaels his last match.


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