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Ricardo Rodriguez on backstage politics in WWE, John Cena, not being a Triple H guy, & more

RF Video has a preview of their latest shoot interview with former WWE star Ricardo Rodriguez. Ricardo talks about getting started in the business, his time in WWE, and much more. He talked about people walking on eggshells, guys getting hurt, and people not having fun. He talked about guys getting hurt because of some of the drills that Bill DeMott put the wrestlers through. He also talked about watching boxing to figure out how to bump. He talked about some of the golden rules in the locker room that don’t exist anymore. He said that Vince McMahon was the only one to really support him and Alberto. He felt that the company was “f*cking” with him and Alberto Del Rio. When he was asked if John Cena was one of the boys he said “it depends.” He did note that Cena liked him and Alberto. He also talked about the transition from Vince McMahon’s regime to Triple H’s regime and how if you’re not a Triple H guy then you don’t matter.

You can watch the preview below. (NSFW language)

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