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Rich Brennan released by WWE

Rich Brennan (Rich Bocchini) is finished with WWE. He was released on Tuesday by the company. Word started to spread on social media after he changed his twitter account name to his real name. He also removed all references to WWE in his bio. He has also been removed from the WWE roster page. In an email to, a WWE source confirmed that he is no longer with the company.

He confirmed the news on twitter on Wednesday evening:

Brennan had worked with the company since 2014 with stints on NXT and on Smackdown. Brennan worked with Booker T’s Reality Of Wrestling promotion in Houston prior to signing with WWE and he also did announcing for the Central Hockey League. We were told that the company chose not to renew his contract. The news is not surprising considering that they’ve hired Mauro Ranallo, Cathy Kelley and Alex Reyes in recent months.

Brennan’s last interview is up on YouTube. Check it out below:

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