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Rick Boogs shares important advice he's learned from working with Shinsuke Nakamura



Rick Boogs recently appeared on "Out of Character" with Ryan Satin where he discussed his thoughts on Nakamura, as well as any advice he may have taken from him.

Rick Boogs was asked his thoughts on Shinsuke Nakamura:

“He’s the best. He’s a great mentor. I always get his opinion because he’s right by my side. I get some good feedback from him. I get some good advice and deep insight into pre match and post match. We’re a strong brotherhood of artists.”

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Boogs was asked, “What advice have you taken from Shinsuke?”

“He engrains the importance of character," Boogs said.

"I know how important a character is in terms of being memorable for an audience. He really engrains that, reminds me, and lets me harp on the importance of character involvements during matches, performances, and things of that sort. A lot of times you think about good action, like what kind of stuff would be cool to do in the ring in terms of power moves or something, but at the end of the day, he’s always very quick to be on me about, ‘Well, where are you going to bust out that drum solo? When are you going to do that kind of stuff?’"

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