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Rick Steiner's son gets his new WWE name ahead of his debut on the new "NXT 2.0"



Bronson Rechsteiner, the son of former WWE/WCW Tag Team Champion Rick Steiner, appears to be close to making his debut on NXT TV.

Rechsteiner signed with WWE in February and he has been training at the Performance Center. During SmackDown, Rechsteiner was featured on the latest teaser for the rebranded NXT. WWE is calling it "NXT 2.0" in the latest teaser.

Rechsteiner has changed his Twitter name to "Rex Steiner" and his username to "@rexsteinerwwe" so that appears to be his new name.

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Rechsteiner signed a contract with the Baltimore Ravens in April 2020 but was cut from the team a few months later. The former Kennesaw State fullback led the team with 909 rushing years in his last season with an average of 8 yards per carry.

He stated last year that he wanted to pursue wrestling after football and he visited backstage at AEW in early 2020. Jim Ross was pushing for AEW to sign him at the time.

The relaunch of NXT on Tuesday will feature new graphics, lighting, a new set, and a fresh presentation with more focus put on younger wrestlers.