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Ricochet addresses criticism of his in-ring style



Ricochet has been a fan favorite for years even before he made it to WWE due to his in-ring style.

He’s known as someone to do high-risk moves and even some spots that not a lot of people can do. This got him over with the majority of the audience, but there are some who don’t like this style.

The WWE star posted a series of tweets about criticism of his in-ring style after commenting on a video of himself hitting a double moonsault. Will Ospreay, who had a great series of matches with Ricochet in NJPW years ago, also receives this criticism. Ricochet brought this up as well.

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At one point, he mentioned when a booker makes a match between two wrestlers who are high flyers, they expect to get that type of match.

“Exactly, but many people don’t realize that. And that’s obviously not how every match Will and I have had was like. But yes when you have him and I in a match, most likely that’s what the people want to see and what the promoter booked us in a match together for.”

“At the end of the day “professional wrestling” isn’t “true” wrestling either. It’s not collegiate wrestling. It’s an art form, so it can be portrayed any way the artist feels. Same with music. People have different tastes.”