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Ricochet deletes tweet about Io Shirai after fan uproar

Ricochet deleted a tweet after some fans expressed unhappiness over the way he answered a question on Twitter.

It started when Ricochet quote tweeted the official WWE account that asked people to tag their choice on who is the best high flyer in the company.

It’s hard to argue against Ricochet being the best high flyer but fans did not take it well when Ricochet himself put himself over. He tweeted, “There’s literally no one who can do what I do and how I do it. But I’ll let y’all discuss. 😎”

In response to a fan who took exception to his tweet, Ricochet said the following in a tweet reply: “I’m not saying she’s not amazing. She 100% is. But I can do EVERYTHING she can, probably even better. She cana’t do what I am capable of, maybe not even half.”

Some fans agreed with him but others were not thrilled and eventually, he deleted the tweet.

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