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Ricochet on the meaning of his name, what Randy Orton has done to help him in WWE



WWE Superstar Ricochet was interviewed this week on "Out of Character with Ryan Satin."

Ricochet talked about the meaning of his ring name:

“I’ve always had this urge, these feelings, this sense of thrill, sense of adrenaline, nature, whatever you want to call it since I was younger. I always had these feelings inside me. I think Ricochet is just a name for it. I think Ricochet is an embodiment of adrenaline. He’s an embodiment of excitement and high action. He is all of that, and I just think I had that ever since I can remember. I think just the word Ricochet is just a name for all those feelings and emotions. Ricochet is not just a character. Ricochet is energy. Ricochet is not a character for people to see, it’s something for people to feel. I mean, you see it, you don’t believe it’s happening, but it’s actually happening. It’s like a feeling, and I feel that’s what Ricochet is.”

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Ricochet said Randy Orton has been a big help to him:

“I talk to Randy all the time. That dude is the coolest dude. He is one of the guys that’s helped me out so much since being here on the main roster and just in WWE in general. Him, Edge, a couple guys have really, really done everything they can do to help me out as much as possible. Same with AJ Styles. I can keep going. Randy specifically has been someone who’s just cool.”

Ricochet also talked about his independent wrestling career, his famous throwback photo with Triple H, his goals on SmackDown and more.

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