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Ricochet's new move is The People's Moonsault and it got The Rock's attention



The Rock is always busy with Hollywood commitments but I am always amazed at how he is able to keep up with the wrestling scene. It's not uncommon for Rock to comment on something he's seen on WWE television or on the independent scene. He is also known to be an NXT fan.

Someone on Twitter let The Rock know that Ricochet introduced his new move...The People's Moonsault. He basically does the same mannerisms as The Rock but he replaces The People's Elbow with a cool looking standing moonsault.

The Rock reacted and said that Ricochet is the man and he loves watching his stuff. He added that Ricochet will be the leader in ushering in a new ear in the wrestling business. He also called him a future champion. That's high praise from The Great One.

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I think he is spot on with his prediction and there are several people in management that are already positive on Ricochet. From what I've heard, Ricochet carries himself like a professional outside of the ring and the feeling on him is that he can be a major star when he moves up to the main roster.

Check out Ricochet's Rock Bottom and People's Moonsault in the clip below from Thursday night's NXT live event: