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Ring Of Honor plans to run a show in Madison Square Garden

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Ring Of Honor plans to run a show in Madison Square Garden

ROH has the ability to reach a lot of people thanks to the fact they’re owned by Sinclair Broadcasting. This reach of 233 stations means ROH is in a huge percentage of American homes which is more than any other pro wrestling company not owned by Vince McMahon. Therefore it would only stand to reason that they could step up their game and become an even bigger player on the world’s stage soon enough.

Now Ring Of Honor apparently has intentions of running their first show at Madison Square Garden. Sinclair Broadcasting CEO Chris Ripley recently told the Baltimore Biz Journal that ROH will run a show at MSG in 2019 when he was asked about the company’s future projects.

No more details are available at this point but if they do pull this off then this would be a huge deal for pro wrestling. The issue of expense has kept some companies away from MSG events but it looks like ROH is looking to do it. AAA looks to be running a show at MSG in September as well which is an interesting idea seeing how as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted it would be the first time since the early 1960’s that a promotion other than one owned by a McMahon ran a pro wrestling event inside the World’s Most Famous Arena.

Ripley also said ROH has been scaling up their production quality and although they have some room to go, they are trying more aggressive tactics to get their product out there to all of the Sinclair stations. This is exactly what ROH needs to do to utilize the amazing influence at their fingertips thanks to their parent company.

ROH’s television show airs on Sinclair Broadcasting’s media empire so they get plenty of exposure. If ROH can pull off MSG it wouldn’t be their first show in the New York area but it would probably be the biggest to date and could usher in another landmark moment in pro wrestling history.

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