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After being let go by the company earlier this year, Brian "Road Dogg" James is back with WWE.

PWInsider reports that Road Dogg, 53, has returned to the company and he will hold an executive position. No word yet on what his role will be but he is backstage for tonight's edition of Monday Night Raw in Toronto.

In recent years, Road Dogg worked under Paul "Triple H" Levesque in NXT. He was let go in January. Since that time, he has launched a podcast on and he has been critical about AEW's booking. During a recent interview, he admitted that he had been hoping to land a job with AEW.

He also admitted on his podcast that he wasn't particularly in agreement with a lot of Vince McMahon's ideas but he has praised what Triple H has done in recent weeks since taking over as Head of Creative.

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The news about Road Dogg's return comes days after his close friend Jeff Jarrett exited the company.