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Road Dogg on the Montreal Screwjob: "I'm still not 100% sure it was all real, and that's just me being honest with you."



During this week's episode of "Oh...You Didn't Know" Road Dogg discussed his thoughts on the Montreal Screwjob, his relationship with the members of DX at first, and the Terry Funk and Cactus Jack dumpster angle.

Road Dogg was asked to give his thoughts on the Montreal Screwjob:

"When you go to the arena and it's a TV or Pay-Per-View day, you kind of just stick to your match, and at this point, that's what I did. I remember I wasn't watching the show at the time. I probably should have been. I could have learned something, but I didn't see what happened," he said.

"All of a sudden, everybody was running to the monitors to try to find out what was going down. What I remember that night the most was two things. One, the loogie that Bret spit on Vince McMahon like, holy mackerel, man. Yeah, that was disgusting, but what a shot, what an aim, like it was great. Then I remember staying late at the building and Vince coming out of the locker room with a big red and purple eyeball. From what I understand he let Bret swing on him. I don't doubt that one bit because that's the kind of man Vince is."

"I'm still not 100% sure it was all real, and that's just me being honest with you. I know I'm cynical because I'm a wrestler, I'm one of the boys, and I think everything’s a work."

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Road Dogg was asked what his relationship was like with the DX members when they first united:

"It was good. You know, I was really lucky in the sense that Shawn (Michaels) took a liking to me early on. Shawn had a lot to do with me becoming the Roadie for Jeff Jarrett. He really spoke up for me during that period of my career, like early on, and so I knew Shawn and we got along well," Road Dogg said.

"I knew Hunter from WCW when he was Terra Ryzing and I was Brian Armstrong, and we worked there for probably a year. So we had a good relationship. Chyna had just come on, but she fit right in. She was such a trooper and such a good sport and funny and, man, she just fit right in with us. It was awesome."

"So yeah, my relationship with those guys were all positive. They still are to be quite honest with you."

On if he needed clearance to start calling Billy Gunn, “Bad Ass”

"I called him that a couple times on TV prior to that, and then it just stuck. Vince always wanted a character called 'Billy Badass', and that's what he is to this day. So we met him in the middle with Bad Ass Billy.”

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