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Road Dogg steps down as co-head writer of WWE SmackDown Live

WWE Hall Of Famer Brian James (aka Road Dogg) has stepped down from his position as co-head writer of WWE SmackDown Live.

The news was first reported by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio and we have independently confirmed the story with two WWE sources.

James became the head writer in 2014 after being brought back to the company in 2012. I was told that James’ decision stems from the frustration many others feel when Vince McMahon makes constant changes to the show. Oftentimes, chances are made with minutes to spare and even during the show. The SmackDown 1000 show in October is an example of McMahon making changes when the show was already on the air.

Don’t expect to see major changes to the brand because everything goes through and gets filtered by Vince McMahon.

Road Dogg sent out the following tweet on Tuesday before SmackDown Live:

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