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Road Warrior Animal on The Ascension: "I feel sorry for them"

Title Match Wrestling has an interview up with Road Warrior Animal. The interview took place at Booker T's Reality of Wrestling school in Houston, Texas. Animal talked about some of the tag teams that he and Hawk wrestled against. He said some of their best battles were against the Four Horsemen.

He said that the only other partner that he could see with him would be someone like Rusev or Ryback. He said you can't be an everyday joe and call yourself a badass. He also talked about the scripted promo from The Ascension from a few weeks ago. He says they are two good guys and mean well but there are certain levels of pro wrestling that you should not touch ie. Hulk Hogan, The Rock, or The Road Warriors.

He feels bad for them and feels they should not touch something that is untarnished. He feels they should build towards their opponent instead of trying to talk about the past. Check out the interview below.

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