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Road Warrior Animal on Vince McMahon, The Ascension copying the Road Warriors, more



Road Warrior Animal recently appeared on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. Here are the highlights.

On Paul Ellering working in NXT: “I talked to Paul and he doesn’t even know if it was a onetime deal or what it is. He’s only going out there with them for one TV so I don’t know if it’s going to be any permanent deal or what but what a great name right? You can’t think of anything better than Authors of Pain? That’s so close to the Powers of Pain you would think they would be able to find a different name. But Paul Ellering is a great guy, a great manager and best of luck to the guys. I hope everybody makes it in the world of pro wrestling but it’s going to be pretty hard to duplicate anything that Hawk and I have done.”

On The Ascension using the Road Warrior look and taking shots at the team: “Here’s the thing with Hawk and I. We were the Road Warriors. We were the Road Warriors in and out of the ring, we were that way before wrestling and we didn’t have to fake anything. We didn’t have to fake our interviews, didn’t have to imitate anyone because we were us. The time to try to imitate people and try to copy somebody it never works because everyone always remembers the original. The originals are something everyone remembers and I don’t know why over the years guys if they call it a tribute because it’s almost like the kiss of death. Right away you get good fans that say ‘oh crap’ they will never be the Road Warriors and when you mention Hawk and I’s name in an interview that even kills you off further because now you get people saying that if Hawk were here even though Animal can kill you by himself if Hawk were here they both would kill you.”

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On his brother John Laurinaitis: “He went there with the merger because he was the booker of WCW when Vince bought it out. Vince bought out his contract (as well) and brought Johnny over there with him and since John did a good job with WWE we got to see him on TV again like Monday on RAW. He is good in that role and if they are bringing him back on TV that means they need him in that role for some reason and because something on TV isn’t working. It again is just bring back a guy that you know is over with the whole “People Power” thing and since John is a good businessman and is great behind the scenes and he knows how to choreograph a match real well it makes him really good for the business.”

On if he thinks Vince McMahon was a fan of the Road Warriors: “I think he was. But I think the thing that bothered that office more than anything else is that we were already an established world-known talent before we got there and I don’t think he likes that. I think he likes to own you and invent you and make you that talent. Just like The Rock, Stone Cold, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels he likes to kind of own everything about you and he didn’t have that with us. Think about it. If weren’t as over as we were why you didn’t see vignettes of Hawk and I? You didn’t see us on commercials for merchandise or on posters. But you saw Macho Man, you saw Hogan, you saw Warrior but you never saw Hawk and I. Even though they sold all that stuff you never saw it. Even today if they have a fan-fest. I’ve never been asked to do one fan-fest at WrestleMania even after getting put into the Hall of Fame and I have no heat with the company. He (Vince) just doesn’t like putting a product out that is going to outshine what he invents. It’s why everyone says it would have been great if I had run down and did a thing with the Ascension on TV. What would you have done then? That’s the take that I had on it and it shouldn’t be that way because this is a business and it is all a work. It should be easy to do and there shouldn’t be all that animosity but there are a lot of egos in this business and that is just the way it is and the way it is always going to be. Hawk and I just wanted to be good businessmen and do our jobs.”

Animal also talked about his run in WWE and more. You can listen to the interview by clicking on the player below.