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Rob Conway comments on why he left WWE, winning the WWE Tag Team Titles and more

Former WWE Star Rob Conway appeared on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast to talk about La Resistance, winning the WWE Tag Team Championships and leaving WWE. Here are the highlights.

On La Resistance winning the WWE Tag Team Championship in Montreal:

"It was surreal. It was the first time in our career that we had been cheered for. Every place else we get booed out of the building, in Montreal we came out waving their flag and Sylvan lives in Montreal so we were unbelievable fan favorites. Edge and (Chris) Benoit came out and they are "good-guys" everywhere, Benoit was born in Montreal and Edge is from Canada and they booed them out of the building. When we finally got the 1,2,3 we celebrated in the crowd and Jerry Lawler was talking about it being bigger than if they had won the Stanley Cup. As happy as I was for myself I was even more thrilled for Sylvan. To win a championship like that it meant a lot that they were putting the tag division in our hands and literally be in his home town I was super happy for him. It put us on the map together and made us the leaders of the tag team division for a couple of years."

On Leaving WWE in 2013 and it being a renaissance year for his career:

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"2013 was definitely the year for me. When I left the WWE I didn't stop wrestling. I wrestled every week at least two to three times. It's just that without National television other than where you are wrestling at that night they really don't know and can't follow what you are doing. I stress this, I loved the WWE and just about everything that I have I owe to them. Getting to be in the NWA and be in New Japan is because they knew who I was from WWE. There is life after the WWE, the guys now that are on television in a prominent spot are young guys. So you aren't even at your best yet. When I left the WWE I had been wrestling for right about ten years and back when I grew up watching a lot of times guys didn't get a big break in the wrestling business until they had been wrestling for ten or twelve years. You weren't really good yet. I feel like I got better. I learned a lot wrestling in WWE and I took that and wrestled Independently. Independently you are wrestling a maybe a hundred different guys a year. You pick up more moves, more ring savvy, you learn that when you are in a big company you just go out and perform. When you are Independently wrestling you have to learn what people like and how to make a living being yourself. When I finally got the opportunity with the NWA and New Japan my skill level had gone up and I was comfortable with who I am as a wrestler."