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Rob Gronkowski made his WWE SmackDown debut, new WrestleMania match?



Michael Cole kicked off this week's episode of WWE Friday Night Smackdown. Mojo Rawley was with him and Rawley introduced his friend Rob Gronkowski.

Gronk said he's been watching since he was a kid and he watched during Mojo's days in Florida Championship Wrestling. Gronk said he has also been to sold out WrestleMania's.

Gronk said he will be hosting for WrestleMania because he is ready for anything. Mojo said he would be around to watch Gronk's back because things happen in and out of the ring.

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Baron Corbin interrupted and got in the ring and asked for Gronk to get on his knees and bow down. Corbin warned Gronk that he needs to fall in line like everyone else or else his party will be over. Corbin was then interrupted by Elias who sang a song.

Corbin was shoved by Gronk and then Corbin was taken out of the ring by Corbin. Gronk then suggested for Corbin and Elias to have a match at WrestleMania.