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Rob Van Dam explains why he didn’t return to WWE in late 2015



Former WWE/ECW/TNA star Rob Van Dam recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of about his career. During the interview, RVD was asked about WWE reaching out to him in late 2015 about a potential return to the company. The plan was for RVD to team up with Tommy Dreamer and the Dudleys in their feud against the Wyatt Family. At the time, it was reported at the time that Van Dam turned down the offer, but he explained that he didn’t turn them down. “That is somebody’s twist on my words. We weren’t able to come to an agreement,” RVD said. He added that it wasn’t a good time for him as he was super busy and that it would have taken more for it to be worth his while than it would have been for WWE, so they didn’t make a deal.

RVD made his name while in ECW. He said that ECW set a lot of trends and that they were pioneers because they weren’t afraid to cross the line, and that made the promotion so cool. “The crowd’s reaction to what we were doing was a huge part of the show, but we were also reacting to them,” RVD said.

You can read the entire interview here.

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