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Rob Van Dam on the possibility of him going into the WWE Hall of Fame & More

Former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam appeared on Busted Open Radio today to talk about WWE, their crazy schedule and if he would ever go into the Hall of Fame. Here are the highlights.

RVD on his past WWE schedule and if he’ll return: “It’s gonna be based on their plans as well but that’s how it works. Jericho and I have reached the point where we can come and go around our desires….The last run I did, all the dates on the scheudle, I got to circle all the dates I got to work. It’s not 100%, but it’s rewarding to reach that part in my career that I am able to do that. Because I do need that to keep going. Otherwise I don’t have an interest in living those life with those guys completely full time. Not for the next 25 years…With WWE. There’s no break at all. At least not before. Not that I’m on break, I’m enjoying it so much more…The answer of when I’m coming back is Part 1. As soon as I’m done being off. And Part 2. When there’s a reason for me to. 2013 was an awesome return. Last year, they just played my music the night after Wrestlemania. The writers had nothing for me. I wasn’t really utilized and all parties want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

RVD on ECW and himself going into the WWE HOF: “I think with anything acknowledging ECW as a whole. I think that’s a sell out to make the fans happy….I think Vince brought back ECW to destroy it and say, “Quit chanting ECW, God Damn It!”

“I would be honored to be in the Hall Of Fame, those who are involved in the celebrity world love to leave a legacy behind…But it’s important to me that lives on. Some might want to leave their legacies to their kids, but I don’t have any kids. As for the Hall Of Fame, It would be an honor…Do I need it? No. Do I expect it? No. I’ve never really been their man. The only reason I won that belt was by changing the entire playing field and bringing ECW back.”




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