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Rob Van Dam says WWE wanted him to turn heel and be a Paul Heyman Guy, comments on possible WWE return



Former WWE/ECW/TNA star Rob Van Dam recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of about his career. During the interview, RVD said that during his latest run with WWE (2013 - 2014), the company wanted him to be a “Paul Heyman Guy.” However, he turned the offer down. RVD explained that WWE wanted him to turn heel and be managed by Heyman but because he already had one foot out the door in wrestling it didn’t make sense for him to turn heel when he is on his way out of WWE. “I’m a symbol to people for a lot of different things, and changing me to a heel, at the last minute, could change that,” RVD said.

When asked about a potential return to WWE, Van Dam plans on resuming an active schedule with WWE and that the door is still open. “I have an open door with WWE as far as wrestling goes,” said Van Dam. He added that he also has an ongoing merchandise relationship with the company. To him, the fans missing him and wanting to see him on TV is very important. However, from a business side, he wants the deal to be the right kind of deal. “I certainly hope that comes together, and it will be something that is right for me and right for WWE and right for the fans,” RVD said. RVD stated that as of right now, he doesn’t have plans to go back but did say that he still appreciates his fans and takes all of their compliments to heart.

You can read the entire interview here.

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