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Roddy Piper says Ric Flair is an a-hole and says Vince McMahon has a grudge against him

Roddy Piper did a one man talk show last week in Cork, Ireland. The show drew about 200 people. When the MC noted that Piper was able to draw more people than TNA does at a house show the crowd started chanting "F**k TNA." Piper called Flair "an a**hole" even though they've been friends for years and have been seen many times together at signings and did a reality show together. He said that although he loved Flair he'd rather not be around him. He also said that Flair can't keep his clothes on and can't keep his d**k in his pants. He also ripped on Hulk Hogan and Mr. T. Knowing Piper, he was probably in work mode although Piper was trying to get a match with Hogan at this year's WrestleMania but the idea was shut down.

He also said that Vince McMahon had a grudge against him because he pointed out that Vince was a failed concert promoter, failed at the WBF, failed with the XFL and the only business he succeeded in was the wrestling business that his father handed to him.

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