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Roddy Piper shoots on Stone Cold: “I didn’t lie about anything”

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper addressed the situation with Steve Austin for the final time on his latest podcast. As noted before, Piper says that Austin called Podcast One to get his last podcast taken down after Piper had Will Sasso on to do an impression of Austin. Keep in mind that Sasso has done wrestler impressions many times over the years of many wrestlers in good fun since Sasso is a comedian.

“When Will Sasso came on on April the 3rd, he did some voices of Hogan, Macho Man, and he did your voice and he was fantastic.” Piper said that Sasso had done it on other TV shows so he thought it was great so he could do it on Piper’s podcast.  “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan was on the podcast too and he took it all in stride. Piper said that there was a lot of love in it.

Piper, addressing Austin, said “There was a lot of love in it [the podcast], but I guess not for you. That’s my mistake then. On Monday, when the episode actually aired after 6 hours, the company [Podcast One] had not only taken down the podcast but all of my podcasts and took me off the air because Steve you were upset and you went and talked to them.” Piper added, “I get a call from the guy…the head of the organization and he tells me that all my podcasts have been taken down. He tells me that I can’t talk about Steve Austin…said that he was gonna fire me but changed his mind.” Piper took that as meaning that he’s not wanted.

He added, “I go back down and I think about it and say you can’t censor me and push me around. I’m a gentlemen…I’m a family man.” Piper said that if he’s not welcome in someone’s house then he’s the first to get out. Piper said that he kept doing podcasts because he needs his fan base to stay there and he loves his fan base and when everything got torn down he kept doing the podcasts until he found a home and then there was a period where there were no podcasts.

Piper said, “If you got offended by it then I am sorry.” Piper said that he has all the respect in the world for Austin. “I’m done with it, I didn’t lie about anything and my hearts in the right place with my life and I got my family on my side. With that said i’m moving on and i’m not talking about it anymore.”

He talks about Austin at the very start of the podcast. That is followed by an interview with Lanny Poffo. You can listen by clicking below. The podcast with Will Sasso that caused Piper’s exit from Podcast One is also below (scroll down).


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