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Roddy Piper to clear up any confusion about his departure from Podcast One

As noted, Steve Austin addressed the rumors about him being responsible for getting Roddy Piper fired from podcast one due to an episode of Piper’s show, where Piper’s co-host Will Sasso impersonated Austin.

Steve Austin cleared up those rumors on Tuesday’s episode of his podcast by reading a report from another wrestling website word for word. Austin said the timeline is inaccurate, that podcast was recorded 3-5 months ago. He didn’t like the podcast and he went on his road and kept going on with his podcast. He doesn’t want any BS in his life due to his age. It is what it is, said Austin.

Later on, Austin said that he got a phone call from the president of Podcast One about Piper’s future with the company. Austin said that Roddy set up a meeting with the president and said that he didn’t want to do the podcast for the network anymore due to other things he wanted to do in his life. The president said that if Roddy doesn’t want to do a podcast anymore then that’s fine and Roddy walked out of the door. Austin says that he was told that there were no hard feelings between the two and the door is always open between the two sides.

Austin ended by saying that he had nothing to do with Roddy leaving the company. Austin went on to praise Piper for his pro wrestling career. He ended the podcast by saying he will not further comment on the matter.

In an update, Roddy Piper tweeted out the following:


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