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ROH attempting to stop WWE from signing their top wrestlers

As noted last week, WWE has an eye on several top Ring of Honor names because they are working on making NXT a national touring brand and they would need top names from the independent scene that can work in main events when NXT starts touring. WWE is waiting on contracts to expire so they can go after them.

The Wrestling Observer newsletter reported last week that ROH is actively trying to lock in their wrestlers to new deals. The word going around today is that The Young Bucks are two of the names that ROH is trying to lock in under contracts. The Young Bucks were offered deals several months ago but they turned down WWE’s offer. The deal with ROH trying to keep the Young Bucks would put them under full-time deals but they would not be able to wrestle for other independent companies without approval from ROH.

New Japan Pro Wrestling should not be an issue since ROH has a working relationship with them but this could be an issue for companies like PWG.

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