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Roman Reigns and Tama Tonga take shots at each other on Twitter



Tama Tonga's Twitter account is interesting, to say the least. He's unfiltered and he is quick to shut down a Twitter troll. Unfortunately for him, he apparently said something to cause him to get a temporary ban. His account was unlocked yesterday and he immediately went on the hunt to find out who reported him and he believes Roman Reigns had something to do with it.

He followed up with this tweet:

"Got the #Snitch.

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Your bark can’t seem to get OVER your Yard for me to hear you. My yard has no fences, come test your skills here anytime. “Jealousy is a bitch trait”- what album is that from? #RomanTheRat"

Reigns fired back: "I actually doubled your lil videos views for you in like 4 hours. You should be thankful. Thanks for the laughs tho!"

Tonga fired back by taking a shot at Reigns' scripted promos: "Thanks for time keeping and view counting, must be looking for new material...writers gave up on you? If you need more laughs just continue fist cocking, it gets funnier every time."

It's unclear where the heat stems from. For all we know, this could just be a work between two friends. Sometimes the feuds on Twitter are more interesting than the storylines we see every week on WWE television. Your move Reigns.