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Roman Reigns busted open during match with Samoa Joe



Say what you want about Roman Reigns but the guy works hard. Whether you love him or hate him, he gives 100% everytime he goes into the ring and you shouldn't expect anything less when he faces Samoa Joe at the Backlash pay-per-view next month.

Joe and Reigns are working at house shows and the matches are said to be hard hitting so that should give us an indication as to what we will see at Backlash.

At Thursday's show in Cape Town, South Africa, Reigns was busted open towards the last couple of minutes during the match. The referee wiped the blood off but, before he left the ring, Reigns took some time to thank the fans because he was able to have a good time in Cape Town. According to one correspondent, Reigns got a largely positive reception from the fans there.

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Reigns let the fans know that he would not be able to take post-match selfies because of his head injury. He was checked out backstage and he will be fine for the rest of the tour.

Reigns will be facing Brock Lesnar in a rematch for the Universal Championship inside of a steel cage at next Friday's Greatest Royal Rumble show. It should be fun.

You can watch a clip of Reigns' speech in Cape Town by clicking on the video below: