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Roman Reigns fined after attacking Samoa Joe on Raw

The Christmas Day episode of Raw really was worth catching because it contained some pretty good stuff. Everyone wanted a piece of Samoa Joe but it was The Big Dog who got to take a bite out of Joe. During their encounter, things got out of hand and the referee needed to call for the bell when Roman Reigns kept stomping on his opponent in the corner.

What happened next was an all-out assault. Roman Reigns beat Joe around the ring and even used the steel ring steps against his opponent. Although Joe ducked to avoid a devastating chair shot that would have popped his head like a grape, the message was sent but Reigns was still upset.

Everyone is blaming Samoa Joe for Dean Ambrose’s injury even though The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted it could have happened at TLC when Dean Ambrose took a bump off a table that didn’t break. Either way, Samoa Joe is playing scapegoat at this point and doesn’t look like he’s having a good time in the process.

WWE reports Roman Reigns was fined $5,000 for his assault on Samoa Joe after their match on Raw. It might just be a very light slap on the wrist for Roman Reigns, but it certainly sends a solid message that it’s not okay to do what he did.

At times like this, let’s try not to think back at all the times a Superstar did similar things, if not worse and no fine was dished out like all those times Kane has tried to murder people.

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