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Roman Reigns: I disagree with what Jon Moxley said about the WWE creative process

Roman Reigns recently did an interview with ESPN to promote the news that he’ll be on the cover alongside WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch of WWE 2K20.

In this interview, Reigns was asked about Seth Rollins being vocal on Twitter by speaking out against Jon Moxley’s comments after leaving WWE. This is where Reigns gave his thoughts about the situation.

“He is emotional — of course, he is. Because we bust our ass, man. I love this place. I’ll tell you straight-up: I disagree with what [Dean] Ambrose said about the creative process. I love the guy. I love him to death. He’s my brother. And wrestling ain’t gonna stop that. On a personal level, me and that dude can hang out, have a beer or two and just talk. And even when we don’t talk, that’s just our relationship.”

After Moxley turned down a five-year contract, he departed from WWE in April and has since signed with AEW (All Elite Wrestling). He is also working under the NJPW banner.

Reigns continued by noting that communication is key when it comes to the creative process in WWE and that there are instances where you need to let your boss know how you feel.

“We’ve worked our asses off for Vince [McMahon] in this company, and he respects that, and he wants to know our opinions. You have to speak up for yourself. I’m in a position now where he listens to everything I have to say, what I’m feeling.

Early on, when you don’t have any equity, when you haven’t put in any time, you should do what the boss says. But once you earn that equity, once you got the keys to the car — which Ambrose was clearly in that position because all three of us [were] — you have to speak up for yourself and do what’s right for you.”

Reigns ended on stating that no business rivalry will affect his personal relationship with Rollins or Moxley. He added that he enjoys being with WWE and won’t go to a different promotion.

“Regardless, I love the dude, man. We came from the bottom and got to where we are now, and he’s a huge part of that. No type of business rivalry or any of that crap will ever affect the personal relationship I have with either Seth or Dean. We’re all gonna do our thing. We’re having fun. I’m enjoying where I’m at. I enjoy being with the WWE. I’ll never be anywhere else.”

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