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Roman Reigns is not happy, Otis attacked by Jey Uso on WWE Friday Night SmackDown

This week’s episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown kicked off with Jey Uso and Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Instead of giving praise, Reigns chastized Uso for not staying out of the arena after he was told to do so at Survivor Series. Reigns also asked why the SmackDown team lost at Survivor Series. He said that they didn’t listen because they don’t fear and respect Uso and that means “they don’t respect us.”

Reigns asked Uso to think about how the family and his sons look at him. Reigns asked if Uso looks at him like “some b**ch in the locker room begging for thanksgiving leftovers.”

Reigns then said that he doesn’t like the way Uso is making him feel and then Reigns walked off.

Otis walked out for his match but he was attacked with chairshots to the back.

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