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Roman Reigns issues statement on incident from WWE SmackDown Live

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has issued a statement on the incident that took place last week at the end of WWE SmackDown Live.

Reigns wrote: "At this time I think the #SDLive incident was a mistake by the crew, which I love and respect. I respect the machine and the team that builds it and I understand mistakes happen."

Reigns was hit a wave of comments on Twitter that are mostly making fun of the angle because it came across like it was put together at the last minute with the weird editing.

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Reigns may have realized how absurd the angle is and may have realized that most fans are mocking what happened and word is out on who attacked him so he issued the follow-up statement: "People will speculate, people will talk, but until proven otherwise, I’m considering it an accident. #SDLive"

Of course, this is leading to a match and Reigns' attacker is supposed to be a mystery for now. However, news has already leaked on who attacked Reigns. Click here for the spoiler.