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Roman Reigns’ message after No Mercy

After No Mercy concluded the WWE Universe was looking at a new face of the company. John Cena raised Roman Reigns’ arm high above his head in the middle of the ring and then Cena took a break to allow a moment to himself in front of a packed Staples Center.

Roman Reigns might have his fair share of detractors. The truth is he’s a very controversial figure even though his popularity with the casual fan is growing every week. Reigns had defeated John Cena clean in the middle of the ring. Cena tried his best to topple the Big Dog with four AA’s but none of them did the trick.

During Raw Talk, Cena spoke about passing the torch and simply said Roman Reigns went and took the torch from him.

Roman Reigns took a moment to send a message out via Twitter to give the WWE Universe a little peek behind what he was thinking. “Whether u exchange harsh words or harsh blows, u don’t leave a fighter w/o respect for a warrior. Respect for past, present, & hopefully future.”

Those are serious words which could indicate a much more down to business side to Roman Reigns. Whatever he has to say during MizTV on Raw is going to be very good.

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