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Roman Reigns on Dean Ambrose’s WWE departure: “I want him to stay”

roman reigns dean ambrose

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose have become good friends over the years since being called up to the main roster as members of The Shield alongside Seth Rollins.

Reigns joins Rollins as someone who wants to see Ambrose stay with the WWE but will support him in his venture after his departure. Ambrose is slated to depart from the WWE this month once his contract expires. It’s always possible that WWE and Ambrose come to an agreement on a new deal before he’s set to leave.

Reigns recently did an interview with The Gorilla Position to promote WrestleMania 35 where he spoke about Ambrose's decision to leave WWE.

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"I want him to stay. Dean, if you're listening, stay. Do not go. I'll buy you a bottle of Jack and beer every single night. We just want him to be happy. The selfishness in us wants him in our locker room. But as a friend and brother, I just want him to be happy. I want my friend to be where he wants to do be and have the proper placement for his life. Whatever achieves his happiness, I support him fully. I'm not gonna lie, we're selfish beings and I want my friends with me.”

Reigns continued by stating, Ambrose is a workhorse and I don't throw that term around lightly. Ambrose is a guy I can depend on 52 weeks out of the year. Whether he is coming or going, somebody is going to get to work with a brilliant superstar. Somebody who believes in what he's doing, has a great passion to get better, and an amazing work ethic. He is going to land on his feet. Hopefully, it'll be next to me in the locker room."

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below:

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