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Roman Reigns reflects on sharing his leukemia battle with WWE fans

Roman Reigns

Former WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns was recently interviewed by BBC where he spoke about a wide range of pro wrestling topics. During the interview, he opened up on his battle with leukemia.

Earlier this year, Reigns announced on an episode of Monday Night Raw that his leukemia was in remission after battling it in late 2018. He had CML Leukemia, which is chronic myeloid leukemia. They were able to catch it in the early stages and took a pill to treat it as it’s oral chemotherapy.

Reigns, who continues to talk about his battle with leukemia in order to spread the word about the illness, reflected on sharing the news with the fans.

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“It was a night of mixed emotions. On one hand, I was terrified, because I’m sharing this news with the whole world. A huge wave of opinions and criticism I knew was going to be coming my way. But, on the other hand, I was excited to finally be able to share this huge part of me. Something I kind of held as a secret.

To be honest, once I made the announcement, once I felt the crowd, and then on top of that, once the night was over and I got the feedback on social media – Twitter, Instagram, all of the above – the outpour of love and support was what really made it known to me that this was the right thing to do.”