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Roman Reigns responds to negative fan reaction during his Money In The Bank match with Jinder Mahal



Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal was panned by many as the worst match on the Money In The Bank card on Sunday night. Fans in attendance gave them a hard time with chants of "NXT," "CM Punk," and "This is Awful," among other things.

Reigns doesn't tweet much but he took some time on Monday to address the fans in Chicago and he was very John Cena-esque with his response on Monday to the negative chants. "Match-by-match, city-by-city. That’s what’s built the #RomanEmpire. Every time I walk in the ring, it’s an opportunity to illicit a reaction. You did your part last night Chicago. #MITB," he said.

Meanwhile, referee Charles Robinson did not have the same reaction. Click here to see his reaction. For what it's worth, there were others backstage that felt the same way as Robinson.

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So what's next for Reigns? A heel turn could help solve some of the problems WWE has but it doesn't look like Vince McMahon wants to do that. Reigns is tentatively scheduled for a top match at SummerSlam. Click here to read more.

It's clear that something needs to change if WWE ever hopes to get Reigns over like a top babyface.