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Roman Reigns says WWE goes through “extreme precautions” when he’s traveling

Shortly after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Roman Reigns took time off for months from WWE with the speculation it was done due to him being concerned about the virus as he is a leukemia survivor.

“The Big Dog” later stated he took time off to be with his family. Either way, Reigns is staying cautious including when he put on a mask while brawling in the crowd with Finn Balor at last month’s Extreme Rules PPV event.

While doing an interview with Bleacher Report, Reigns noted that WWE goes to great lengths to keep him safe now that the company is touring once again.

He started off by noting that he doesn’t miss travel, being on planes and away from his family for days. He stated WWE holding shows at the ThunderDome was nice as it was held in Orlando and Tampa and he lives in Florida. Reigns noted he would get on a bus and be driven a few hours to the arena, work then get back on the bus for a few hours and he was home that night.

“There’s no replacing that. I do not miss travel. Saudi Arabia is the only place I’ve left the country for, and that’s just because it’s such an isolated one-off, in and out on a private jet, 16 hours, knock out the show, back on the jet, 16 hours, all by myself. We go through extreme precautions to make it all safe for me and to make me feel comfortable.”

Reigns made headlines this week with his opinion about not viewing AEW as competition and his shots directed at CM Punk. 

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