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Roman Reigns segment cut, Vickie Guerrero turns down Smackdown, Cena update, & more

Rogers aired WWE Countdown at 6pm with the idea being that they would air network shows for free to help push subscriptions. However, a large portion of the country is still not able to subsrcibe through their cable network.

Reminder: John Cena has some sort of announcement coming on Monday.

The Roman Reigns segment was cut out of the Hulu version of Raw. is reporting that the Los Matadores match at the 10/25 WWC Anniversario show will not air on iPPV.

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Raw Backstage Pass has not aired since August but the show will be back on tomorrow night on the WWE Network after Raw.

WWE will be pushing the John Cena Greatest Rivalries DVD this week. It gets released on Tuesday on DVD/Blu Ray.

Vickie Guerrero noted on twitter that she turned down the invite to be on the Smackdown anniversary show because of her new full-time job.