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Roman Reigns talks about pressure living up his family name, Paul Heyman, and more

Roman Reigns spoke with The Sun the UK to talk about WrestleMania 31 and other topics. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On pressure to keep up with his legendary family:

"Everybody has a story about my family, it seems. It is really neat to get all the perspective from everybody over the years. For me to live this life that so many of my family members have already lived and experienced, it is a really neat process. Every town I go to I feel like I'm walking in their footsteps. The ironic thing is this is my ship now, I'm the captain here."

Reigns also praised Paul Heyman and talked about working with him:

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"Paul's a great source for any superstar. He's been all over the world, he's been in so many different promotions, he's seen so many different things and he's learned from the greatest to ever set foot in this industry. So any time I get to interact with him, on camera or off, it is a great experience."

"He's a very personable guy, very easy to talk to. But sometimes you have to watch people like that, you just never know. He's a very smart man and he knows everything that he's doing. For me, I enjoy my interaction with him, he knows my family very well. He met me when I was just a little guy all the way to what I am now. To have that type of history with someone, for him to know my family in a different light than I may is very cool, very interesting for me and I always like catching up with him."

The full interview (behind a paywall) is available here.