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Roman Reigns talks about WrestleMania, being a headliner early in his career, more

Roman Reigns was interviewed by to promote his match at WrestleMania 31. Here are some excerpts:

On whether he's excited or nervous excited right now:

"That’s a good way of asking that question. I’m excited excited right now. I think the nervous-excited won’t kick in until we get closer to Sunday."

This is Reigns' third WrestleMania but his first one as a headliner. He was asked if he ever thought he'd be headlining so early in his career:

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"A lot of people get into wrestling just because they want to wrestle or because they grew up watching as fans and they’re living out a fantasy. I have some of that but I got into wrestling with one goal –to be the top guy."

Reigns also talks about football, his training, and more. Click here to check out the interview.