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Ronda Rousey retained the WWE SmackDown Women’s Title over Shotzi at Survivor Series: WarGames in seven minutes, but received criticism about the match from fans, who didn’t like it and felt there were several sloppy spots.

While speaking on a gaming stream on YouTube, Rousey joked about the DDT spot to the outside that was criticized. She explained that they couldn’t practice the spot because the WarGames cages were up when they had time to go over it.

Rousey also noted that she had never done the move before and revealed that they worked on the match for two weeks, but their time was cut short after AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor went over time.

“It’s the first time I ever did it, I was really concerned with keeping Shotzi safe and I made it look bad and you know what? I’m sorry, okay. F*cking shoot me. Apparently, I deserve to be fired or burned. It reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail when they were like, ‘Burn her!’… There weren’t calls to fire anybody when Madcap Moss and Big E were spiked on their heads and they were like, burn her anyway! I’m so sorry that I was so concerned with keeping someone safe that I made the bump look bad."

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Rousey continued, "But what really bummed me out is when my favorite thing in matches which is turning around a hostile crowd and we’re in Boston so of course they’re hostile because, you know, they’re angry at the fact that they live there and right when we got them turned around with the ‘holy sh*ts’ and the crossbody into the fans, I’m like, f*ck yeah, we’re turning it around. We got all the awesome sh*t coming up and then Shotzi rolls me in the ring and they’re like, ‘Get out of there.’ They’re basically like, ‘Plan B, get out of there. We’re out of time, you gotta go.’ I’m like, ‘What!?’ And she was going up and I’m like, sorry girl and I had to run up and throw her down and throw her in the Piper’s armbar and get out of there.”

Rousey admitted that she was bummed about the time being cut short because of how much they practiced it. She also stated that she failed Shotzi because she wanted to make Shotzi look good. Rousey said one of the reasons she came back for another WWE run was to make other people look good.

As of this writing, WWE hasn’t announced an opponent for Rousey for next month’s Royal Rumble event. You can watch the stream here:

Quotes via POST Wrestling