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Ronda Rousey admits she can take negative WWE fan reactions personally



Ronda Rousey recently opened up about her relationship with WWE fans and taking criticism personally during a Facebook stream. The top star stated that while she plays a character in WWE, it’s still her and she can take critiques difficult.

“It’s hard not to take (things) personally from the fans because I don’t go out there as I mean, I do go out there as a character but I am also actually Ronda Rousey. I don’t play Ronda Rousey on television so sometimes I take it personally from the fans. Not so much from the wrestlers, but the fans, I do," she said.

As previously reported, Rousey and WWE personnel talked after her January 31st Raw promo that was received negatively by fans. Fast forward to last week’s SmackDown, Rousey acted more like a babyface as she was interacting with the fans.

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The issues between fans and Rousey came from the end of her first run in the company as some fans were booing her which was a change from being welcomed by all. Rousey previously questioned during an interview on Steve-O's podcast in April 2020 why she focus her time on ungrateful fans when she could be with her family. She also referred to WWE fans as "ungrateful idiots" following Bray Wyatt's release last August:

During this same stream, Rousey noted that the reason she has been dressing in all black instead of her traditional attire is that she doesn’t feel like she is in the same shape she was during her first WWE run as she gave birth to her first child just a few months ago. However, she is working towards it.

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