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Ronda Rousey defeated Alicia Fox in first WWE Raw match

Ronda Rousey vs. Alicia Fox was the main event for this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. WWE management is hoping that fans tuned in to see Rousey’s first-ever match on Raw.

There was a long promo segment with Fox and Alexa Bliss before the match got started. Bliss said that Fox should not let an overrated rookie overshadow everything she’s done during her WWE career. Rousey came out with Natalya to start the match.

Despite several attempts from Alexa Bliss to interfere, Rousey forced Fox to tap out. Rousey did a post-match interview and she was attacked by Bliss but Rousey threw her off and said the Raw Women’s Championship will be hers at SummerSlam.

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